The Masonic Fishing Charity (Staffordshire Branch)  



"The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside
experience to people with special needs"

It achieves this by running fly fishing events, at various fisheries and inviting participants from special needs schools and centres and people who have suffered trauma to come and join in.

This is far more than just a day’s fishing though! It enables mentally disabled people to gain in confidence, meet new challenges and achieve tangible results to take away; it helps disadvantaged people and those from harsh backgrounds to renew their confidence in meeting people and interacting with adults from outside their usual environment; it helps physically disabled people (including war heroes and stroke victims) to participate and experience something that may otherwise be unavailable to them and it enables our volunteers to give back to the community and have some fun along the way.

The charity is completely run by volunteers and is a non-profit-making enterprise.

The Staffordshire Branch regularly holds event days at Parkside Fisheries.

We are always looking to recruit new Fly Casters to our ranks. If you can help in this capacity please do contact us. Likewise, if you just want to help out in general, we would also be pleased to hear from you. (DBS Checks will be required of all registered casters and helpers):

Potential Casters please contact: 

W. Bro. Bob Weaver, Secretary
and Event Organiser
David Watt, Chairman
Staffordshire Branch
Jim Crow, Treasurer