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Staffordshire Masonic Clay Shooting Association

The 2015 Provincial Charity Clayshoot

The eighth annual Staffordshire Provincial Charity Clay Shoot, held at Doveridge Sporting Clay Ground, on Sunday, 23 August, 2015, enjoyed the benefit of good weather right up to the end of the day, when the heavens opened! The shoot was held a little bit earlier than usual this year, and perhaps because August is still Holiday Season this accounted for a smaller attendance than the 2014 Shoot. Nonetheless, we had forty-three competitors, all of whom had a great day of shooting fun.

The Lady High Gun Trophy was won by Mrs. Lisa Mytion, wife of Brother Duncan Mytionof Tibbington Lodge, to whom we extend our congratulations. The Under Eighteen Trophy was won this year by Henry Parrott, son of W. Bro. Richard Parrott, of St. Augustine's Lodge, so congratulations to Henry too.
The Gentleman High Gun Trophy was won by Mr. Roger Grimshaw, who often attends the monthly meeting of The Staffordshire Masonic Clay Shooting Association (usually held on the first Sunday of the month) as a guest of several brethren of St. Giles Lodge. Congratulations Roger.
The St. Giles Shield was won this year by Bro. Peter Williams, of St. Augustine's Lodge. Bro. Peter will retain this trophy until the next shoot, when, having had his name inscribed thereon, he will return it to be won again by the High Mason Gun at the 2016 Shoot. This trophy was donated by Bro. Chris Miles, of St. Giles Lodge, to be presented to the Mason with the highest score on the day.

Many thanks are due to those who helped make the day the success that it was. To the members of the Staffordshire Masonic Clay Shooting Association, particularly to Bro. Chris Miles (Chairman of the SMCSA and Secretary of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors), to Bro. Ash Richardson (Secretary of the SMCSA), and to Mrs. Jude Richardson, who was a great help to David in taking care of the issue of the ammunition. Also to all the professional coachingcolleagues of Bro. Chris Miles, who made sure that everything went well on each of the stands, providing help and advice to the participants. To W. Bro. Mike Thomas who has assisted in running this event from the very first shoot back in 2008 - thank you Bro. Mike. To Bro. Karl Basch and Bro. Martin Garbitt, who were unable to be present through illness and work respectively but who remembered to send their donation. And most of all, to each and every one who continue to support this fun event, thank you.

The event raised a total of £617, which with Gift Aid will make a total of £771.25. This amount will be paid into the E2024 (2024 Festival) Chest. Further donations amounting to a total of £120, will be paid to the ‘2024 Start-Up Fund’.

We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the 2016 Shoot.