Principal Officers

E.Comp. Robin A. Stubbs
Grand Superintendent

E.Comp. Eddie A. Ford
Deputy Grand Superintendent 

E.Comp. Richard G.Parrott
2nd Prov G Principal

E.Comp. Andy P. Brittle
3rd Prov G Principal

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Joining the Royal Arch

Do you wish to complete your journey in ‘Pure Antient Masonry’, widen your Masonic knowledge and expand your circle of friends? Then read on...

The three degrees of Craft Masonry deal with material matters. They allegorically trace man’s intellectual development from his birth in the first degree, through the intricate winding pathways of his mortal existence to his symbolical death in the third. The Royal Arch is the climax of that progression and contemplates the whole in the context of eternity. It contains the true essence of the moral philosophy underscoring Freemasonry. 

Hence the Royal Arch is the essential and natural progression after the three Craft degrees and should be made by Master Masons, as the final step in Pure Ancient Freemasonry. 

The Royal Arch is organised into Chapters, just as the Craft is organised into Lodges. Most Chapters are attached to a Lodge and usually have the same name and number. Although many Royal Arch Masons belong to a Chapter attached to their Craft Lodge that is not a necessary condition and a member can belong to any Chapter he chooses provided he meets the requirements of being a ‘Master Mason of four weeks and upwards’, and is acceptable to the members.

The Royal Arch is a colourful Order. Chapters usually meet around 3-4 times a year and subscriptions are much less than you may pay in the Craft.

If not yet a member of the Royal Arch we urge you to join for we know you will gain much pleasure and great satisfaction from it, as all that are members will testify.

Key Points:
• You should join the Royal Arch as soon as you feel comfortable in the Craft.
• You can become a Principal in the Royal Arch without first being a Master of a Craft Lodge.
• It is possible to be a Master of a Lodge and Principal in the Royal Arch at the same time

For further information contact the Royal Arch Ambassador within your Lodge, or alternatively, the Provincial Grand Scribe E, details are on the contacts page.