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1914-1918 Masonic Staffordshire Roll of Honour.

In memory of Staffordshire’s Freemasons who died for King and Country 1914 – 1918

Pt Thomas Howarth 1stBn The Kings 10th March 1915 Sutherland Lodge of Unity No 460 

Capt Arthur Robert Katon DCM. 8thBn South Staffs Reg 6th September 1915 aged 50 St John’s Lodge of Lichfield No 1039

Lt Frank Bertram Mayer 5thBn North Staffs Reg 13th October 1915 aged 32 Gordon Lodge 
No 2149

Sgt Sydney Charles Jones 5thBn North Staffs Reg 13th October 1915 aged 32 Gordon Lodge 
No 2149

Capt William Millner 5thBn South Staffs Reg 13th October 1915 aged 38 Tudor Lodge of Rifle Volunteers No 1838

Major Alfred Armstrong Caddick 8thBn Royal Wark Reg 1st July 1916 aged 44 Legge Lodge 
No 2784

Major Henry Hetherington Emmerson 10thBnLeicReg 25th September 1916 aged 36 St Augustine’s Lodge No 1941

QM.Sgt Harold Barrett Jones, Household Batt 14th January 1917 aged 40 Menturia Lodge 
No 418

Capt Matthew William Lister 5thBnattd 9th Pioneer Bn South Staffs Reg 19th July 1917 aged 38 St James Lodge No 482

Lt Richard Standeford Pullen 1stBn South Staffs Reg 26th October 1917 aged 33 St Bartholomew Lodge No 696

Capt William Norman Lowe 14thBn Highland Lt Infantry 24th November 1917 aged 28 St Peters Lodge No 419

Lt Col James Collins Furness (Surgeon) Royal Army Medical Corps 26th February 1918 aged 53 St Thomas Lodge No 1914

Lt Robert William Callison 8thBnLeicReg 24th March 1918 aged 35 St Thomas Lodge No 1914

CSM Thomas Edward Bloom 12thBnYorksReg 12th April 1918 aged 43 Earl Shrewsbury Lodge No 1520

Capt Percival Ernest Burrows MC. A Coy 2ndBn 3rd Queen’s Gurkha Rifles 19th September 1918 aged 21 St Giles Lodge No 1587

Gunner Harold Bertram Potts 233rd Siege Bty Royal Artillery 27th September 1918 aged 31 St Bartholomew Lodge No 696

Information compiled by W Bro Robert J G Smith PPrGSupWorks Provincial Historian 2016.

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