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Province Progression and new orders. 

The Province progressed from strength to strength, establishing many new Lodges in the forthcoming years. Its first Knights Templar Preseptory, Godefroi de Bouillon No 42 was warranted in 1853. The first Mark Lodge, Jerusalem Lodge No 18 in 1862 was established in Burslem, under the Scottish Grand Lodge, later to become Gough Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 45 under the GLMMM in 1881.

The Province had the great honour when the then Grand Master HRH The Price of Wales (later King Edward VII) came to the Province in 1866 to lay the foundation stone of the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary in Newcastle, and again in 1897 when the foundation stone of the Sutherland Institute in Longdon was laid. In 1925 King George V laid the foundation stone of the extension to the Royal Infirmary using the same Masonic tools as his predecessors. The tools are the property of Sutherland Lodge of Unity No 460. 

By 1914 the Province would have 34 Lodges. There were several Army Training camps in the Province during the First World War. This would see an influx of Initiations. One such Lodge to benefit was St Augustin’s No 1942 Rugeley, which had 19 Initiations from 1915 to 1919,mostly from the Training camp on Cannock Chase, and all were above the rank of sergeant. During this period of the 1914-18 War, Staffordshire had 16 serving Freemasons who made the supreme sacrifice for King and Country (see 1914 -18 army roll of honour)

By the end of 1945 the Province had 58 Lodges. At the end of both the first and the second world wars the province had an increase of members and new Lodges. As the men came back from active service they wanted to continue the bond of fellowship and comradeship, so for them Freemasonry was a great way of achieving this. 

Thus from these humble beginnings developed Freemasonry in Staffordshire – a thriving Province of 100 Lodges. The more recent Lodges being warranted are: the Lodge of Universal Brotherhood No 9329 warranted in 1989, Black Country Heritage Lodge No 9702, that was warranted in 1999, Musket, Pike and Drum Lodge No 9906 a Lodge formed by members of a historical re-enactment society and the University Lodge of Staffordshire No 9907,both Lodges being consecrated in 2016.

The Masonic Province of Staffordshire celebrated its Bi-Centenary in April 1991 and will shortly help celebrate the Craft’s 300th anniversary in 2017

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